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NEWTOP Chemical is a leading supplier in China which manufactures a variety of specialty and fine chemical compounds

Who we are

NEWTOP Chemical is a leading supplier in China which manufactures a variety of specialty and fine chemical compounds .We has supplied a wide range of specialty chemicals to customers worldwide for over 25 years. Our headquarter is located in Shanghai Baoshan Distrct, approximately 50 kilometers of the centre of city . right in the heart of China. We focus on providing specialty chemicals and Organotin related products for large and small manufacturers.

what we can

We can lead a technical design with specialized partners or be a specialist in a joint venture. We can offer a series of catalysts to meet different applications ,continue developing innovative products. Provide our customers in the polyurethane foam, coatings and general chemical industry with the highest value products.

Our Capability

Provide our employees, customers and suppliers with a company that constantly excels their expectations, by constantly under-promising and over-delivering. Customers with limited chemical manufacturing resources or those seeking to outsource an existing product are invited to consider our Custom Chemical Manufacturing Partnership Program

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Our tin products

Our tin products description.....


The organotin compound is a metal organic compound formed by direct bonding of tin and carbon. Formula RnSnX4-n (n=1-4, R is an alkyl group or an aromatic group). There are two types of alkyl tin compounds and aromatic compounds. Its basic structure has a substituent, a disubstituted, a trisubstituted, and a tetrasubstituted (referring to the number of R). 10-20% of the tin production is used to synthesize organotin compounds.

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Stannous octoate

Stannous octoate is a basic catalyst for the production of polyurethane foams, catalysts for room temperature curing silicone rubber, polyurethane rubber, and polyurethane coatings. The chemical properties are extremely unstable and highly susceptible to oxidation.

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Di-dodecylsulfide dibutyltin has a strong hydrolytic stability, a strong gel catalyst, high catalytic activity than DBTDL, stable storage, and is used for microporous elastomers and rigid foams.

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Dibutyl tin Diacetate

usually using dibutyltin diacetate: dibutyltin dilaurate is 1:9 or 2:8. This product should be tightly closed immediately after use. It is easily hydrolyzed when exposed to air, and solids are precipitated at the mouth of the bottle. It is also used as a catalyst for polyurethane coatings.

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