FASCAT2001 Stannous oxalate CAS 814-94-8


Chinese name: FASCAT2001 catalyst, stannous oxalate, tin oxalate

English name: 2001, Stannous oxalate, Ethanedioicacid, tin(2+)salt(1:1), ethanedioicacid, tin(2++)salt(1:1), oxalicacid, tin(2+)salt(1:1) , stavelancinat Chemicalbooky, 2001; OxalicAcidTin(2+)Salt, TinOxalate(SnC2O4), Ethanedioicacid, tinsaltoxalicacid, tinsaltstavelancinaty

Physical and chemical properties:

CAS Number: 814-94-8

Molecular formula: C2O4Sn

Molecular weight: 206.73

EINECS Number: 212-414-0

Related categories:Organic metal;Organic tin;Pharmaceutical raw materials;Organic chemical raw materials;Catalysis and inorganicization body

Soluble in dilute hydrochloric acid, insoluble in water. Low toxicity, median lethal dose (rat, oral) 3620mg/kg.

Melting point 280°C(dec.)

Density 3,56g/cm3

Storage conditions Storebelow+30°C.

Solubility 0.5g/l

Morphology Powder

Specific gravity 3.56


Water-soluble SolubleindiluteHCl.Insolubleinwater.Solubleinacids.InsolubleinwateraChemicalbookndacetone.

Hydrolysis sensitivity 3: reactswithaqueousbaseMerck14,8786BRN3708588

CAS database 814-94-8 (CASDataBaseReference)

EPA Chemical Substance Information Ethanedioicacid,tin(2+)salt(1:1)(814-94-8)

White to off-white solid powder

Production of monomeric and polymeric plasticizers, fatty acid

esters, and synthetic lubricants

Removable from final ester by filtration


Esterification catalyst. Hydrogenation catalyst for coal. Printing of blueprint paper.

Used as a gasification catalyst for fabric printing and dyeing and coal

Storage and transportation:

It should be sealed and stored in a dry, cool and ventilated warehouse.


Packing: 25Kg cardboard drum.

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